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Ultra Strands - Hair Loss Solution

I am ULTRA excited to excited t announce that Blondie Locks is now an Approved UltraStrands Salon!  Whats more.. ...We are the only salon in Newcastle approved to offer this amazing system! 


I have been studying this game changing method & course and it’s different to any other hair top systems of its type! It’s so lightweight, breathable and the results are fabulous so I’m really happy and excited to finally be able to share it. 


This system is integrated into your natural hair and blends seamlessly creating effortless volume!


And… It’s actually the lightest hair system IN THE UK! 

The advantages of the ULTRASTRANDS Integration systems


  • Sits completely flat 


  • You can touch your scalp..It's totally breathable.


  • It's blended in with your natural hair, rather than sitting on top of it. 


  • Lighter to wear - Hair on volumiser is proportionate to natural hair volume. This system is the most lightweight volumiser you can get in the uk! 


  • Enables a natural hairline.


  • Hair treatments can be applied whilst installed.


  • Enables the scalp to breathe as you have direct access to your scalp. 


  • Available in different sizes and densities to accommodate varying degrees of fine/thinning hair.


  • No restrictions on styling.


  • Freedom to take part in everyday activities and sports (including swimming)


  • Washing and maintaining is really easy 


  • Fits completely comfortably (you won't even know it’s there) 


  • No glue/tape.


  • No tension


  • No product build-up as you can access the scalp m.. and even give it a scratch if you need to! 


  • Allows your hair to grow underneath

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