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Hair top Systems & Mesh Integration Prices

These prices are a guide only - each system is made to the individual needs of the client and I will assess on consultation and confirm.

Our BL Mesh Integration Systems include Premium Russian Mongolian hair on your chosen Closure (topper) and we use only quality Russian Mongolian Hair for the added weft too. 

Hair Top Crown / Parting 

£530 lace base 

£660 silk base 

Hair Top

+ 1  row of Hair Extensions  added for thickness and some length (up to 50g)

£660lace base 

£790 silk base 

Hair top

+ 2 Rows of Hair Extensions Added for thickness and length  throughout  up to  100-120g)

£790 lace base 

£920 Silk Base 


Mesh integration - Hair Top Crown / Parting 

£550 lace base 

£680 silk base 

Partial Mesh Integration  with up to 100g Hair  for thickness & length

£840 lace base 

£970 Silk Base 

Full Mesh Integration  with Superweft for big transformations 

up to 180g Hair for thickness & length

£1200 Lace base

£1330 Silk Base

Silk vs Lace Hair Top 

The material that is the right fit for you comes down to a matter of personal preference, the look you want to achieve and the budget


When deciding between lace and silk hair extension bases, it comes down to your preference for either breathability or a realistic-looking part. Lace bases are a sheer material to blend with your skin or natural scalp, making for an easy, natural-looking install. They're also more comfortable thanks to the breathable grids that allow air to flow through.

On the other hand, silk bases are thicker, giving them a more realistic scalp appearance. However, they may not be as comfortable for some people due to their thickness.

Silk and lace base hair extensions are both excellent choices as they offer a natural scalp appearance and a comfortable feel. After learning about the differences between silk and lace closures, you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.


No matter which option you choose, both are great. Our supplier provides us with beautiful Hair Tops, and we're confident that we can work with either to create your ideal hairstyle.

lace closure blondie lcoks .jpg

Lace Base

  • Provides better breathability than silk

  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear

  • Sheer material sits closer to the head, making it easier to shape and mould to teh head

silk base blondie locks mesh hair system .jpg

Silk Base 

  • Provides a natural appearance

  • Features a realistic and natural-looking scalp

  • Proves to be durable

  • Priced slightly higher than other options

  • Smoother, comfortble material

Hair top Systems & Mesh Integration Prices

These prices are a guide only -Maintenance prices can be found on our booking system page or we will conform on consultation

Hair top system - Parting only

From £120.00

Hair top system - Parting + 1 row

From £140.00

Hair top system - Parting + 2 row

From £160.00

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