Membership Club


Frequently asked questions

Does it cost anything to sign up?

NO! There are NO additional fees to sign up for a monthly membership with us

Can I cancel if my circumstances change?

Yes! This in not a problem. You can cancel your membership at any time with 14 days notice. Your future services will just go back to being regular price

I already have already had extensions in for a while, can I still sign up?

Yes! Simply sign up to a membership after your next refit to start reaping the reward from our benefits!

What if I want new hair on my next refit?

We love new hair! Whenever you want new hair just let us know in advance and we can arrange to have them ready for your next refit and use your new hair discount! You can either use your discount and get your hair fitted as part of the plan, or you can pay seperately and have an additional fitting.

How long is the membership for?

Memberships are calculated on a 12 month basis. After this time you will continue to be a member unless you state otherwise and the next 12 months will begin, refreshing all of your benefits so that you get the same discounts and products again!

How do I choose the right membership for me?

This is the easiest step because we do it all for you! If you are an existing extension guest of ours we can find the right membership based on what service you already receive. If you are a new guest considering extensions and a membership with us, just reserve your consultation appointment and we will be sure to discuss your membership options with you then.

How will membership payment be collected?

When you sign up for a membership you will sign a form (not a contract) agreeing to keep a card on file that we will charge once a month (1st of each month) through your term for the amount of your membership. Remember, you can cancel your extension membership at any time with 14 days notice, with no penalties!

Can I pre book my refits?

Yes! you can book all of your appointments for the whole 12 months if you wish! If we need to make any amendments we will contact you with plenty of notice and we ask that you give us minimum 7 days notice if you need to rescheduele any of your chosen dates.

How many refits will I get?

This depends on teh plan you choose,
If you choose Silver you get 5 refits
If you choose gold you get 7 refits
If you choose platinum you will get 9 refits throughout the space of the 12 months.

You will get priority booking and be able to book in advance so that we can assure you will get the most convienient times/ dates that we have available.