Are you trying to find out which HAIR is right for you and your budget? I've made it easy for you!

Are you not sure what type of weft to get, how much to spend or what the difference in hair is? Here's a handy guide & price list for my most popular Tape & Superwefts! All about the HAIR Types at Blondie Locks

Are you wondering what hair to choose from for your post-lockdown locks? I'm here to give you the low down on what's available at Blondie Locks!

Luxury Range

INDIAN REMY - Lasts 3-5 months - Great option for a budget range -

One of my suppliers (Indian Remy) has just informed me that they have made some changes to their business so sometimes these are limited stock. But I am able to offer the fabulous special offer prices still on the budget range!

Premium Range (MOST POPULAR)


I also offer fabulous great quality INDIAN REMY FLAT WEFTS which reduces bulkiness and lays practically flat to the head. These Super Flat Wefts are an amazing new product that will totally change your experience of wearing wefts. They sit SUPER FLAT to your head. They come in all lengths in the gorgeous RUSSIAN MONGOLIAN range as well as high quality indian remy in lengths 20 & 24"

RUSSIAN & MONGOLIAN - Lasts 12-18 months - High quality - Huge range of colour options - Popular for its silky texture I have this fabulous high quality option which is amazing silky thick hair that lasts 12-18 months. This comes in a HUGE range of colours including rooted hair theres flat wefts available in this range so you can have long lasting wefts that are super flat to your head for the very best fitting options.

Platinum Range Remi Cachet If you are looking for one of the most luxurious and high quality hair extensions available, then Remi Cachet is undoubtedly the brand of choice. The name Remi Cachet refers to the hair cuticles being kept intact (remi) to give the highest quality, and a mark of distinction (cachet) I can't explain how much love.I have for this hair! It's amazing and cmes in super flat wefts, invisible tape, ultra tips, tape tabs Pre- bonded and pro tips (mini locks).