Blending colours for the perfect colour match

Hi, welcome to Blondie Locks Blog Today, I wanted to show you an example of 2 different shades of Blondie Locks hair, and how they are blended together to create a perfect colour match. As an extension specialist, you have to have an eye for colour.. I often blend completely different colours together to create the colour of your hair. In the video it shows a light blonde and a dark blonde/light brown shade. They look bright but when mixed together and applied to your own hair it changes the colour completely. Hair extensions are available in mixed shades most of the time, but depending on your hair this might give you the best results. on the video I used Blondie Locks tape hair.2/3 blonde and 1/3 of the darker shade to tone it down. The multi- tones together have created a seamless blend and natural extension of the clients own hair - Mixing colours together can be used to tone down the hair or to lighten depending on your desired look.

You may be surprised when you first see the contrasting colours that are going to be be applied and it can be hard to imagine how it will look when its done.

Rest assured, a lot of thought goes into placement when applying so that its blended to match the hairs natural tones or to mirror the highlights/lowlights you might have for the best possible match. Resulting in gorgeous new locks with no block or stripy colours. During your consultation I will talk you through all your options and together we will decide what shades will be best for your new hair. Enjoy! If you're looking for Hair Extensions in Newcastle, just send us a message via the website or search Blondie Locks on Facebook.