Caring for your Hair Extensions

HAPPY NEW HAIR! Let's get straight down to the basics of caring for your extensions.. Your aftercare routine is key for long lasting hair extensions, which is why it is so important to understand how to look after your hair extensions correctly. It's a very important process, I've made it as simple as possible by answering the most common questions in regards to aftercare. By following these basic steps your hair extensions should stay in the best condition possible throughout the time you are wearing them.

How long will my hair extensions last?

The lifespan of your hair extensions will depend on the aftercare and the type of hair you choose. Superior aftercare and regular maintenance will keep your hair feeling and looking great for longer. I don’t guarantee a definitive lifespan on any type of hair extensions due to them being a natural consumable product. Treat your extensions with the same respect as you would with your own natural hair. If your hair is well looked after & all aftercare followed:

Lifespan of Luxury Indian Remy is approx - 6 months+ Lifespan of Russian is approx 1-2 years

How should I wash my hair extensions?

You should wait for at least 3 days after having your extensions fitted before washing. This will give the bonds plenty of time to set and avoid hair shedding from the bonds later on. Wash your hair 2-3 times a week. Excess washing and styling will damage the cuticle and decrease the lifespan of your hair extensions however its important to wash the hair, to avoid the bonds becoming matted or product/grease build up which also causes slippage and to keep the extensions clean and, silky and nourished. Before washing it is advised to de-tangle your extension hair and separate the bonds. Don't brush your hair when it's wet & don't tip your head over the bath as this could cause tangling - always wash with your head upright – in the shower is ideal. Smooth the shampoo down the extension hair – do not rub vigorously. Only condition from the mid lengths to the end of the hair & do not apply any conditioner to the bonds as this will cause slippage.

It is essential you only use shampoo and conditioner supplied or recommended by me, as any other products that haven't been approved, may ruin the hair extensions and dry them out!

P.s ..Do not use Xten/X10 on your hair extensions, it will make them feel dry, tatty and it's known to damage the bonds.

How should I dry my hair?

Always make sure all bonds are dried completely with cool air using your hairdryer. Do not sleep with your hair wet & always blow dry your hair rather than leaving it to dry naturally. When brushing, always make sure you support the extensions hair by holding the bonds.

Can I Straighten or curl my hair?

Heated Rollers, Straightening Irons, crimpers and tongs can all be used on the extension hair although you should always use heat protection spray.

Be careful with using other serums, gels etc that are recommended or supplied by your extensionist, other products may contain ingredients that may do more damage than good.

Can I colour my Hair Extensions?

Colouring, tinting, silver shampoos & toners can damage the cuticle which will affect the lifespan of your hair extensions. Any colouring of extensions is done entirely at your own risk.

What should I use to brush my hair?

The extensions are attached to your natural hair and therefore pulling them can result in pulling out your natural hair. Start brushing your hair from the bottom and then work your way up slowly to the top. Ensure you are using a professional extension brush to avoid breakage and damage to your own hair. You will be supplied with a FREE detangling brush with your Blondie Locks Hair Extensions.

If you want to splash out a bit.. My current favourite is the The Beauty Works Boar Bristle Brushes which have been designed specifically for all types of hair extensions.

How often should I have my hair refitted or maintained?

Hair extensions need regular maintenance appointments, as your own hair will grow by approximately 1.5 inches within three months. We recommend maintenance appointments every 4-6 weeks, depending on the application method. Refit appointments vary depending on the installation method, you can make your refit appointment when you get your hair fitted so that your stylist can confirm the correct lengths of time between refits.

If maintenance appointments are not kept and the above aftercare advice is not followed, Blondie Locks cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your own hair or the hair extensions.