What products will I need to maintain my Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions can last for months & can be refitted time & time again. The lifespan of your hair extensions will depend on the aftercare, so it's really important you know all about what products to use to maintain them. Sound like hard work? It really isn't! I know it can be overwhelming as you want to do your best, but it's easy when you know how. With a proper hair care routine and using high quality products that are right for your hair, your new look will last! And I'm going to talk you through the basics. Here is a guide to my essential products that you should use to maintain thick, luxurious & manageable locks.

Blondie Locks Luxury Indian Remy and can last 6 months + with many clients getting much longer & Russian hair is 12 months +. Both ranges are of great quality & they are double drawn, so thick from root to tip! I only supply 100% Human hair extensions, they are made from beautiful remy human hair that is sourced ethically to create your hair extensions. What's more?..... I supply an amazing range of Hair Extension products which are perfect to keep your Hair Extensions in top condition. Get in touch to find out what fabulous products I have in stock for you! So, there you have it! your only job now, is to maintain it.... Happy New Hair!

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