Frequently asked questions

Do I need to pay a deposit to book? What happens If i cancel my appointment?

Every appointment wil require a non-refundable booking fee. This will go towards the final balance of your service(s).

To book your consultation, you must pay a £10 fee, The £10 will be credited to your account and go towards the final balance of your hair if you choose to go ahead.

If you do not arrive for your appointment, or change your mind about going ahead with your fitting for any reason, your deposit will be retained, this pays for the time that was booked out of the diary for you.

Please let me know as early as possible If you know you are unable to attend your appointment so we can re-schedule your appointment, transferring your booking fee where we can. This can be done once as long as we have at least 72 hours notice.

(Please note, hair extension booking fees will not be refunded in the case of cancellation)
Please let me know if you are going to be late for your appointment, we can usually allow for a few minutes, however we may have clients after your appointment. So if you are more than 20 minutes late, we may have cancel your appointment and the above cancellation terms will apply.

Can I go on holiday with Hair Extenions?

We can not be held responsible for any damage/deterioration of your extensions while you’re on holiday.

There are extra precations that need to be taken, when wearing hair extensions on holiday. please take into consideration the chlorine in teh pool and the salt in the sea. This can dry out the hair extensions, so I would suggest a rich argan oil or one of our Miracle Oils to prevent the hair from drying. Wear a hat as much as possible and cover your hair with a towel or sarong if your sunbathing. Using an approved Leave In Conditioner and using the correct products is a must especially when wearing hair extensions abroad.

\Very rarely, with blonde extensions, the hair can turn an orange colour. This is caused by some hotels having very hard water, which has a high oxide content and results in the blonde hair changing colour.

Please understand the risks before deciding on your new set if you’re going on holiday.

Can I colour my hair extensions?

If you plan to change the colour of your hair we recommend doing so prior to your consultation so that we can match it to your colour.

We do not recommend colouring your hair extensions, but if you do, please get this professionally coloured with your stylist. Be aware that the extension hair may not develop at the same rate as your natural hair, leaving you with unevencolour. Any colour services will affect the longetivity of your Hair Extensions.
If you decide to dye your human hair extensions but it’s important to avoid applying the hair dye directly onto the bonds of your extensions.

Please be aware that we will not be held responsible for any hair that has been coloured, toned in any way. This includes the use of puple/coloured shampoos.

How will I find which type of hair extensions are right for me? Am I suitable for hair extensions?

I will talk you through all of the best methods available to you during your consultation. I will assess your hair and take your lifestyle and requirements into consideration and together we will decide what methods/ lengths / amount of hair will work best best for you. I will also take your budget into consideration, I have several options available to suit all budgets.

I have years of experience in hair extensions.They are my passion. I don't offer other services so that I can focus on specialising in giving my clients a quality hair extension experience.. I'm not afraid to be creative and I enjoy a challenge. so matter what your needs are I will use my knowledge find a solution suitable for you.

It’s also a good idea to do a bit of research into the different types of hair extensions available to find the right kind for you and your lifestyle. Take a look through my website, theres lots of information on the types of hair and suitability.

Can I tie my hair up with Hair Extensions?

YES! You are still able to wear your hair up with a weave or other hair extensions. No extensions are applied to the hairline so it is safe to tie back or wear up.

With hair extensions, you have to learn how to style them to make sure you are covering them correctly. All methods differ and the bonds are different shapes & sizes, so there are different ways and tricks that you can use you can style the hair to make the bonds less visible. With some methods such as a weave, it is not recommended you wear it too tight in a high ponytail but I will show you the best ways to wear it during your fitting.

There is a lot of hair in the superweft, but as you are having your hair applied, we can assess it and you can decide how much hair you want in, and you can decide how much hair you want in, so its easier for you to manage. any leftover hair is yours to keep for any maintenance or refits, which will help keep your hair newer for longer!

How do I look after my new Hair Extensions?

I will give you all the Do's & Dont's during fitting and you will be provided with an aftercare leaflet at your consultation.

Also please check out the blog for lots more Aftercare instructions

How do I book Maintenance & Refits?

After you have had your hair fitting, it is essential that you stick to your maintenance / refit appointments. This is a very important part of wearing your extensions – to help look after your new hair and protect your natural hair from damage. I can book you in during fitting at the recommended timescale for your next appointment.

To book a maintenance appointment I recommend booking this appointment at least 2 weeks before your appointment is due to avoid any disappointment’s as I often get booked up in advance. BOOK NOW

The above terms and conditions in relation to cancellations, non refundable booking fees and no shows applies.

What Aftercare Products should I use on my hair?

I recommend using Blondie Locks products which are specially designed for hair extensions. Our products are all sulphate and paraben-free and work very well to keep your extensions in top condition. Failure to use these products could result in your hair extensions drying out/problems arising with slippage, bonds crumbling or deteriorating your extensions. We will not be responsible for any of the above and no refunds will be given if hair is faulty as we are not covered by our supplier.

See my blog for full details of what products you should use & how the help your hair.

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