Hair Extension Retipping & Method Conversion

Is your hair still in good condition but you want to use it in a different method?
We can convert them to another method.


Do you have Pre-bonded hair extensions that have been removed and you want to use them?

We can re-tip them.


Do you have hair extensions that need retipping such as stick tips or mini tips?
We can prepare them so that they can be reused with ease.


Whether you're an extensionist or salon  looking for someone to re tip your clients hair or a hair extension wearer/ client that needs your own extensions re-tipping or converting.
We can help.

From all methods of extensions new or used or even hair bundles.

We can create

Stick tip (for micro beads) 

Pre-bonded Flat tip (glue in)
Tiny Tips (stick tips for mini locks)


We use Italian Keratin for our bonds


25 Strands = £15

50 Strands = £30

100 Strands = £60 

Return Postage - £5 

Prewash with Hair extension Shampoo, Conditioner and Extension Boost Treatment £15

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