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Aftercare for Hair Top Systems

Aftercare tips for your integration system to keep it looking and feeling great:

  • Brush the system before shampooing to avoid tangles. Detangle carefully to avoid putting pressure on the weave or the closure.

  • Apply conditioner for 3-5 minutes before combing through your hair extensions with a shower detangler. Remove 80-90% of the wetness in your hair before applying the conditioner.

  • Only condition the hair from the ponytail down, avoiding contact with the closure base and mesh. Wash vertically, avoiding horizontal or circular motions.

  • Wash your system once or at most twice a week to keep your natural oils intact and reduce heat in your system.

  • Use only our recommended BL shampoo and brushes, and apply leave-in conditioner on the ends to keep them looking silky.

  • Remove 90% of the damp before blow-drying, and brush carefully to avoid irritating the mesh or base.

  • Separate the Hair top and wash the underneath of your hair first, then let down the closure/hair top and wash together. This stops the natural hair/ weave from pulling on the hair system  when it's wet  and heavy

  • Rinse the hair thoroughly before shampooing and ONLY use a detangling brush when wet.

  • Use Argan oil on the ends of the hair

  • be careful if using heated curling brushes to dry and dyson air wraps - as these tend to 'pluck' out the hairs from the system and may lead to balding spots

  • Apply heat protection product to protect the cuticle of the hair when using heat styling tools.

  • Don't wait more than 8 weeks between refittings and consider protecting your hair while swimming or travelling to hot countries.


When to replace your hair system?

Most systems usually last 6-12 months.


But this can vary depending on aftercare as well as your own hair and personal situation. Hair Systems are very delicate and need to be treated with care and all aftercare followed.


 Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Hair strands breaking, balding or shedding - If the hair on your hairpiece is thinning, it's likely due to the strands falling out or breaking. This process is gradual and often most noticeable around the front hairline.

  • Faded colour or red, brassy shades - Over time, the colour of your hair system may fade, making it appear less vibrant. Chemicals, hard water, products and UV can also discolour your hair.

  • Dull or dry - Frizzy hair that looks and feels dull and dry may indicate that it's time for a new system. If a deep conditioning Extension boost paired with our argan oil can't restore the hair's shine and eliminate the straw-like texture, it may be time to part ways.

  • It’s time for a change - Even if your hair system is not deteriorating, you may want to switch things up and have fun with a new hair system.

  • Your natural hair may outgrow your system - Rather than having your new length cut, you can embrace the length & and get a longer system.

  • If you require a replacement closure attached you will be charged for the replacement at any time. 

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