Blondie Locks Hair Replacement Solutions

The Blondie Locks Hair-Top systems have been designed  to help those with very thin or fine hair separating parting area, patchy hair loss,, very short or damaged hair that they want to grow out and especially suitable for those with the following conditions:

* Alopecia Areata - Patchy Hair Loss

* Telogen Effluvium - Stress Related Hair Loss

* Androgenetic Alopecia - Female Pattern Hair Loss

* Telogen Effluvium - Stress Related Hair Loss

* Trichotillomania - Hair Pulling Disorder

-Post Chemo

-Post Pregnancy

- Thinning Hair 

- Fine hair not suitable for extensions 

- Extensive damage 

The Blondie Locks Hair-Top system include a range of  bespoke mesh & meshless integration systems that are designed to disguise thinning hair, hair loss, bald patches or very short/damaged hair on the hair top / parting area and to replace the volume to your hair.

We have found a way to offer an affordable and very effective solution to your hair loss problem which is entirely tailored to your needs, some systems can be fitted and refitted in under 2 hours making maintenance of the system quick, convenient and affordable so you can keep on wearing the system whilst your natural hair continues to grow.

I have studied with some of the leading educators in hair loss systems to enable my clients to wear their fabulous hair top systems with pride and confidence.

How does it work?
Each guest will require a  bespoke system which is entirely dependent on your needs, budget, lifestyle and circumstances. At your consultation I will assess which method would be best suited for you, but as a guide you will find this information HERE 

With our mesh based  systems which we use an ulta-fine, soft breathable mesh which is  gently attached to your existing hair by carefully drawing your natural hair through the mesh using a special crochet tool. This is then secured in place using mini micro beads, which will be undetectable and flat to the head securing the mesh firmly in place. We then sew the Hair-Top closure and weft hair onto the mesh. which results in a full healthy head of hair. 

With our meshless systems we will map out and gently create a base which using small undetectable beads in which we attach a Hair-Top system to using your measurements to perfectly fit your head. 

What's more,  all of our  Blondie Locks Hair-Top systems  are practical too, you wear the Integration 24/7 and there’s no need to change your normal routine – you can wash your hair, sleep, swim or exercise as you normally would.

Our systems will enable you to wash, brush & style your new hair as normal!...and the system allows your natural hair to grow as normal underneath.

These systems have been designed so that you can have Mesh Integration, Hair loss replacement  in a more convenient and affordable way. 

If you are interested in our systems , we are able to create this by taking a custom mould of your head on consultation, and creating the bespoke system to your specific requirements. this will allow us to create the base without the need for you to sit in the chair for hours, unlike some other mesh integration systems.


When you come in for your fitting, we will have prepared the system ready to carefully attach & create the look of a full head of hair, giving you back your confidence.


The system can be worn continually.

You will require maintenance appointments for realignments every 4-6 weeks

You will require full refits between 12-16 weeks
this includes, wash and blow dry to the natural hair before the system is reattached. 

Blondie Locks Hair-Top Volumizer  can  last 12 -24 months  depending on the chosen hair &  the correct aftercare.

You will be given full aftercare and maintenance advice upon consultation and fitting so you can walk away with your hair held high, knowing that the only thing you need to think about you will style your hair each day!

If you are unexplained experiencing hair loss, seek professional advice first.

Unexplained or sudden hair loss should always be investigated by a doctor or trichologist, as treatments and solutions will depend on the cause.

Types of Systems Available 


The Blondie Locks Hair-Top 

Great if you are thinning on your parting area or want too add some oomph to your fringe / front area too. 

and perfect to give you  your dream hair top that you can style as desired.

From £370


The Blondie Locks Hair-Top with Partial Integration

If you want a new parting and extra thickness around the crown and through the hair we can add some rows of weft onto the Hair top system.


This option is Ideal for those who have more hair loss or thinning on the crown / parting area or if you want a big volume boost in your own hair.

From £650

hair loss wallsend .jpg

The Blondie Locks Hair-Top with Full Integration

this option is suitable for those who have hair loss all over the head or for those with really short hair or pixie cuts.


we can add a lot more hair extensions onto the system, completely transforming the hair


The Blondie Locks Halo

If you have patchy hair loss our halo system is designed for  for fine/thin hair or missing patches underneath the hair.


fine  wefts are then attached the mesh so the hair is in no way compromised.

From £710

all of these systems are bespoke, prices will be confirmed after your consultation and depend on availability and suitability to your chosen system.

From £50

What do you want to know? 


Here are some real people views on the

Blondie Locks Hair-Top System

" I feel like myself again"

I was surprised how easy it was in a morning! No greasy roots!

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