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Discover Our Latest Updates! 🎉

🌟 Exciting News 🌟

We just wanted to announce some fantastic updates here at Blondie Locks! 🎉

💻 Revamped Website: We've given our website a makeover! It's now easier than ever to navigate, with more detailed information about our services. You can even book more services online, and choose your preferred stylist!

As you browse through our services, you'll notice that we now offer different prices depending on the stylist, ensuring you have options that fit your preferences and budget.

Additionally, we're delighted to share that we've implemented some reductions in some prices, making our services even more accessible to you.

But that's not all! We've also made significant improvements to our online booking system, making it easier than ever to schedule appointments for services like tape refits. With just a few clicks on our website, booking your next appointment has never been simpler. 💻

📋 New & Improved Price List: We've revamped our price list, making it simpler for you to choose your hair options . Plus, we're proud to announce that Remi Cachet is now our main supplier of top-quality hair extensions!

We LOVE every range they do and always get amazing discreet fittings with the most amazing colour blends 💇‍♀️

✨We do have offer a selection of Deluxe Indian Remy range too - which is a popular cost-effective option, especially  for the longer lengths! 💕

💇‍♀️ Meet Our Talented Team: Allow us to reintroduce ourselves – Nikki (salon owner) is your go-to for hair extensions, hair loss systems, and education.

Plus, meet Missie, our highly trained extension specialist, (is also a qualified level 3 hairdresser so she knows her stuff!) is ready to work her magic on your hair! 💫

💇‍♀️🌬️ Blow Dry Services Available: While we don't currently offer colouring services, we're excited to offer extension blow dry services

💆‍♀️ We have options for one-off blow dries or you can pay in advance, book a weekly slot and receive a discount – they're sure to leave your hair feeling fabulous as we only use the amazing BL products! 💁‍♀️

💕Introducing New Blondie Locks Products: We're excited to introduce three new products to our range of Blondie Locks goodies:

🌟Anti-Dandruff Shampoo: Say goodbye to itchy, flaky scalp and hello to a healthier scalp with our new anti-dandruff shampoo

🌟Blue Biotin Hair Loss Gummies: Try our NEW style Blue Biotin hair loss gummies, now available in a cool glass jar. Packed with biotin and other essential nutrients, they're a delicious way to support healthy hair growth!🌟Large Bottles of Clarifying Shampoo: Enjoy the benefits of our clarifying shampoo in a larger, more convenient size. Perfect for keeping your hair clean, fresh, and revitalized!

With an increase in new inquiries and consultations, we've worked hard to make your experience with us even more convenient and enjoyable.

💖Whether you're considering a new look or simply need some hair care advice, we're here for you every step of the way.

Feel free to drop us a message in our inbox with any questions – we're always happy to help! 💬

✨Thank you for your continued support – we can't wait to see you at Blondie Locks soon! 💕

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