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Hair Extensions on Holiday

Pack the right Shampoo and Conditioner!

Some shampoos contain ingredients that will strip away the hair's natural oils and will leave your hair feeling dry and brittle. It's vital to use the right products to protect your hair and keep the shine. Of course we HIGHLY RATE (like seriously) our shampoos and products, we have a new travel pack which has been flying out in time for holiday season.. it contains more miniature versions of the essentials to pack in your case. so if you're going on holiday.. put this at the top of the list.

Avoid chlorine & salt water if you can!

So, Salt water and chlorine can cause your extensions to discolour, tangle and matt, which is why it’s best to wear them in a high bun before heading into the water. I also like to coat mine in conditioner and I usually braid it before I head out, to give an extra layer of protection in case my hair gets wet.

Is it too late? Don't fret. Grab a Malibu C swimmers sachet to revive it by removing unwanted minerals and discolouration.

Don't go snoozing on the sun lounger with wet hair!

As tempting as it is, don't 't sleep with wet hair EVER. although it's warmer and hair dries faster, it will tangle.

Be careful with sun screen & oils

Some contain chemicals that can give your hair a tinge of unwanted colour. Simple solution: Ladies, just tie your hair up during the day time and let it loose at night when it's cooler.

Protect your hair from UV rays / Sun

Too much sun exposure can make your hair extensions look and feel dry. you can wear a hat & apply heat protection and/or apply leave-in conditioner.



Hair oils help to retain the moisture levels in your hair extensions, and due to the increased temperatures and exposure to moisture-zapping elements like chlorine, salt water and hard water, this will be vital in ensuring your hair extensions stay silky soft.

Book a maintenance for your return

After a holiday we recommend that you schedule for a maintenance appointment so we can keep your hair looking fresh, trim, treat and tighten. We will advise on any extra care you may need and by having your hair refreshed - it'll combat the holiday blues a bit as it's likely your hair will be in need of some TLC and looser than usual, so it's one less thing to worry about.

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