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Washing your Hair Extensions - a few tips

  • Lift the rows up in sections and wash in between with a little zig zag motion

  • Dry THOROUGHLY through to the roots with hair dryer - NEVER sleep with wet hair - do not let hair dry naturally

  • In between washes, you can section the top of your hair (parting area) and wash/dry that natural section only.

  • Shampoo twice - & use conditioner on the mid to ends only

  • Wash in the shower or use a jug in the bath pouring the water in a downward direction when washing

  • Wash only 1-2 times a week

  • The most important washing tip I can give you is to use the correct Shampoo & conditioner.

Honestly, it'll save you money for a few reasons, our BL set is fabulous value too.. not only is it cheaper than the big brands, it does a better job with our extensions its been tried & tested for 7 years by me and my clients & it's a FACT that hair lasts longer, stays in better condition & keeps the length when it's used alongside following the aftercare. It smells don't compromise on a few pounds for a shampoo when you've paid so much for gorgeous hair.

You can buy it online HERE for collection or delivery (UK) or pop into the salon & collect.

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